Why Window Coverings for Kitchen Windows Matter … To Your SEO

If you’re intent upon blogging, then here’s a great formula to use. The Internet assumes that its users are asking IMAG0268questions. If Google sees a search for plantation shutters in Tacoma, WA, it assumes that the person is going to ask a few questions about shutters. Questions like, “How much do shutters cost?” Or, “Can I put shutters on sliding glass doors?” Search engines LOVE content that answers questions. So if you’re writing a blog, use headlines like:

  • Numbered List: 5 Low-Cost Kitchen Window Coverings
  • How To: How to Buy Shutters and Not Get Ripped Off
  • Reasons Why: 5 Reasons to Buy Roller Shades

These headlines will answer the questions the search engines are asking and hopefully send search traffic to your blog.

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