listings on Google, Yahoo, Apple and Bing Maps For your Window Covering business


This is very important. Since all the search giants say they are focusing on Local, Mobile and Social, it’s important to optimize your maps. We go ten steps further to get your site on the maps. We will list your site with over 140 local directories and your Google places will include photos and videos. Plus we’ll show you how to start collecting Reviews and Citations. (Very important to your ranking)


Below, you will find a simple google map we generated for one of our clients in CA:

While having a map listed on your website may be beneficial in regards of helping your clients find you, being listed in leading online directories is also a tremendous advantage for your window covering business.

The benefits of having your window covering business in online directories

  • Many directories rank very well with major search providers, providing more opportunities for your businesses to be found even in general searches
  • Give your business a greater sense of authenticity of brick and mortar as well as an online presence
  • Increase your business’ transparency and induce clients to more readily approach you by using the rating and review systems already built into popular online directories
  • Better reach your target market as certain directories cater more to the specific window covering, blinds and shutters niche
  • Although your site may be relatively new and need more time to grow in relevancy for google or bing, many contractor directories have been around for a long time and already rank very well; there is no reason for you business not to take advantage of this

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For more information about our map services for your window covering website, please call us at 949-768-6695 to speak to a Customer Service Representative or fill out our online request form.