Google AdWords is the best marketing tool ever invented………..period!


If you need it you can always buy traffic through the Google adWords and Bing systems. Many businesses were built on ad words. AdWords are the sponsored ads at the top of the search page and the paid ads on the right side below the map. In fact, some studies have shown that pay per click advertising used by major search engines are utilized by customers more than any other form of digital advertising. The creators of these programs have spent years perfecting formulas that will generate relevant results when certain keywords are searched for (based on region, services and more) so you don’t have to. One of the major advantages we have when building your website and managing the ad word campaign for your window covering business is that we can ensure good ad words from our years of experience in producing relevant results and create a landing page that will make your business’ authenticity and professionalism felt the moment it is visited.


Google AdWords Only Gets Better with Time

As time passes, the quality of your professionally designed, mobile optimized site will excel in keeping a greater number of potential customers engaged. This is because the algorithms these search engines use learn what ads are being utilized the most, what are producing shorter jump rates, and take all this into account when structuring how our carefully crafted ad words are utilized. In addition, our in-depth experience in the particular field of the burgeoning window covering retail and blinds and shutters business means we have taken time to acquire an extensive list of ad words for the best efficacy possible. What’s included?

Competitor Research Included Feature
Performance Analysis Included Feature
AdWords Setup
New Campaign Development Included Feature
Keyword Research Included Feature
Negative Keyword Implementation Included Feature
Tailored Ad copy Included Feature
Ad Extension Setup Included Feature
 AdWords Optimization
Ad Testing Included Feature
Bid & Budget Management Included Feature
Keywords Expansion Included Feature
Search Term Analysis  Included Feature
Custom Built Industry Keyword List Included Feature
Negative Keyword Research Included Feature
AdWords Attribution Analytics Included Feature
Campaign Expansion Included Feature
Google Mobile Ads
Strategic Bid Management Included Feature
Ad Copy for Mobile Included Feature
Ad Extension for Mobile Included Feature
Tracking & Reporting
Google Analytics Included Feature
Budget Requirements $600-$1000 Per Month
Setup Cost $199
Optional Remarketing
Build 10 ads sizes $200
Set up Included Feature


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