clients are using youtube to find your window covering business

Google loves video. That’s why they purchased YouTube. Did you know YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine? By using the right keywords we’re able to get videos on page one of Google. It’s like a free commercial on Google for your company. We have video libraries for you to choose from. We include videos on your web sites, blogs and social media channels.

These videos, of course, are tailor made for the window covering retail business. Helpful instructional videos, product knowledge, and a variety of other videos in the window covering genre are made available to you and added to your site at your discretion. Many of the videos available to you from ExSeed Marketing have been around for years and have proven they rank very well in search engines. Studies have shown that though the average user only spends a short amount of time looking for information on a static text website, they are willing to spend much longer on a site with multifarious types of media, especially video. Honestly, are you willing to spend time reading several articles on home improvement, window covering or any other subject, and still not be able to observe the subtleties that accompany such projects as you can in video?

Below is an example of one such video we can use here at ExSeed Marketing to get your customers engaged and your business seen:

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  • How to Keep Your Branding Consistent Online

    How to Keep Your Branding Consistent Online Written by Robyn Strafford on August 26, 2016. We all know that having a clear brand is important. Whether you are a small business or a market giant, perfecting that brand and pushing it out across everything you do is key to controlling how your brand is viewed. This will ensure…

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For more information about the video services we offer for your window covering retailer, please call us at 949-768-6695 to speak to a Customer Service Representative or fill out our online request form.