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Window Covering Online Marketing

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Window Covering Online Marketing

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Window Covering Online Marketing

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We all know that consumers use the web to search for home services. Window Coverings businesses are no different. The problem is most of these contractors are too small to afford the $1500-$3000 a month for traditional Local Service Business. ExSeed Marketing solves this problem by using Hyper Targeted Online Marketing in a Focused Market System to achieve huge results for our clients. By using ExSeed Marketing our clients are able to break through the online noise and find new customers. Helping Others Succeed is our Entire Focus.

We deliver results. The only thing that matters is getting your phone to ring. You Must Have Customers to Keep the Doors Open.

This powerful strategy allows our client to have The Advantage in their market. ExSeed Marketing focuses on not just getting you on the top of page one but on page one multiple times in every city you do business in. This strategy has been the key to our clients ExSeeding in their markets.


Who Are We?

ExSeed Marketing is located in Southern California and offers Turnkey Online Marketing Packages to Window Covering Retailers, because we are Window Covering Reatilers.

ExSeed Marketing we’re dedicated to you and your business. Many small business owners spend considerable time wonder if they could improve their business. How can they increase profits, work less and enjoy what they have built?

It’s great to be # 1 on the page but it better to be on page one multiple times

After spending 20+ years helping set up over 300 new window covering businesses, and setting up over 1500 people in the Window/Blind Cleaning Business you learn a few things, like it was more than obvious that most window covering, window cleaning and window tint contractors have no identifiable Window Covering Online Marketing plan. ExSeed Marketing solves this problem. It’s not their fault, these industries have traditionally been mom and pop industries. Many have been handed down from parent to children and even grandparents. ExSeed is here to fix this disconnect.

Marketing is where science and creativity meet. All too often we meet owners who are struggling to succeed and have spent considerable time and money looking for the home run or the occasional grand slam. At ExSeed Marketing we take a different approach. Our approach is planting seeds day after day and this strategy will win new clients for you.

We deliver results. The only thing that matters is getting your phone to ring. You Must Have Customers to Keep the Doors Open.

Free Report: How I Double My Window Covering Business In 6 Months

Get our free report and find out how you can generate more leads for your window covering business by using Google AdWords!



Website & Seo Only $225 Per Month

A new Ferrari cannot move if it has no gas, a website cannot move unless it has Search Engine Optimization/ SEO. There is no one SEO recipe, it requires planting many different seeds to see…



Google AdWords Only $199 Per Month

I Like top call this the Secret Weapon. In 2010 Google earned $10 Billion dollars for Ads in 2016 they will earn over $81 Billion. The simple reason is they replaced the local Yellow…



Email Marketing

What is a Strategic Partner Network? Imagine you have an assistant collecting the email address of realtors, contractors, interior designers, window replacement                    contractors and just about…


How Do I Know If ExSeed Marketing Is Right For Me?

If you answer Yes, to any of these questions there is a simple solution for you.

  •  Do you waste a lot of time and money on marketing efforts that don’t work?
  •  Are you unsure if what they are doing is considered marketing?
  • Do you have a disjointed approach to your marketing platforms?
  • Are you inconsistent in your marketing strategies?
  • Do you find you’re growth stagnating?
  • Do you chase “Shiny” New Objects?

It’s Hard to ExSeed When You Have NO Plan.

The Good News is, This is Easily Fixed.


If you plan to ExSeed, A Window Covering Online Marketing is mandatory for your business. Check out our simply but powerful One Page Marketing Plan.
The problem is most marketing plans are long, complicated and difficult to implement. ExSeed has taken the “Confusing” out your marketing. Our simple to understand One Page Marketing Plan is perfect for any business. It’s simple and easy to follow.
Once you have completed the Keep It Simple One Page Marketing Plan it’s now time to implement.

  1. You’ll be able to put it on your wall and see it every day.
  2. Your employees will see and understand how your company operates
  3. You’ll be able to make simple changes very quickly. Remember not every strategy works out. A well-executed marketing strategy will include several test of ways to generate leads. Planting seeds to see which ones grow.
  4. It will keep you focused on growing a well-run organization.
  5. It will help you visualize the company goals.
  6. Most of all if will keep you from chasing “Shiny New Objects” This is one of the top 5 reason small businesses fail.

It’s Time To Take Control of Your Online Marketing!


It’s now time to talk with ExSeed Marketing. If you’re looking for a partner to help you Succeed, then we’ll work together to make your dreams come true. Our team of engineers, consultants, and designers will work with you to build a fantastic online marketing system that helps you generate new leads and build a business you can be proud of.

What Does My Package Include?

Your package includes a 6-8 page responsive web site design, mobile optimized, ongoing search engine optimization services, pay-per-click marketing*, email marketing, video marketing, ExSeed handles all the keyword research, targeting, tracking, meta tags, linking, optimization, hosting, blogging and articles written and distributed for you. Our designers and engineers write, design and build your site. Our SEO department takes care of the monthly all important SEO tactics to keep up with the over 500 Algorithms changes a year. Click here to see samples site.
ExSeed Marketing will handle your online needs so you can focus on servicing your customers.
*Bonus: All new sites will receive a $100 in FREE Google Advertising upon launch.

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If you are ready to bring your Window Covering online presence to the next level please give us a call at 949-768-6695 or complete our online request form.