Lost Customers


Last week I wrote about how you’re losing sales to dozens of on-line predators and what it takes to fix it. Now I’m going to talk about the reality of loss. Lost clients, lost income and lost opportunities.lost_customers

How much are you losing to on-line predators?

If you lose a single sale every week to some on-line predator, you could be losing thousands of dollars a month. I know that for my own shutter business, a single loss of a job per week would reduce my sales by $8800 a month. My average shutter job is $2200. A single loss of a blinds job would reduce my revenues by about $4000 a month.

Are you losing over $10K a month in sales?

It’s all about lost opportunities. Last week I spoke to a guy who “Knew the Price of Everything But the Value of Nothing.” He was his own worst enemy. Thinking you’ll save $200 a month and build your own site and attempt your own SEO is a losing proposition. Don’t be stupid.

If you spend $1500 a month on your marketing, and you were able to sell $300,000 a year with a 25% net, you just made $75,000 income.

Now let’s look at some facts: Budget Blinds claims in their FDD that the average franchise sells over $400,000 a year in a 33,500-home franchise territory. 33,500 homes translate to a 130,000 population.  FYI, the city of Chandler AZ is about 250,000 people.

Clearly many dealers are not marketing effectively in their own markets. I hear story after story of dealers driving an hour to the next city because they can’t get enough business in their own market. If a Budget Blinds can generate $400,000 in sales in a 130,000 population, so can you.

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