In-Depth Article Marketing for your Window Covering Retailing Business


The search giants all want relevant content, and will reward you for new content. Our writers will develop new content that we will blast to over 33 sites. The search engines love articles so we give them articles about your local area and we try to educate the consumer about everything form energy savings to how to buy shutters. Many times we’ll see our articles show up on page one of Google.

Google has chosen to prefer in-depth information to generic content for several reasons, some of those include the following:

  • Producing generic content is analogous to spam in many ways, which is penalized by major search providers
  • In-depth articles tend to engage visitors longer, which answers search providers question of whether content is relevant
  • Helpful or relevant material explains keywords that are used a moderate amount of time, whereas generic articles tend to use these keywords strategically, but unhelpfully, to manipulate ranking

The Importance of Producing Relevant Information

You will often see large corporate retailers with copious amounts of do it yourself write ups other useful information. On first glance, it would appear these articles would discourage consumers from using their services or products, but in reality, these articles are the first thing most consumers look for before contracting someone else to complete a project. By answering your customers’ questions better than other window covering retailers, you also promote healthy consumer confidence. Imagine searching numerous sites for instructions on installing your own blinds or shutters and finding meaningless, poorly written content. Finally, you land on a page that explains thoroughly and with clarity the very intricacies of installing your own blinds and shutters. Which retailer would you choose?

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