Use Mobile Marketing to find new clients for Your Window Covering Business

This is all the buzz. With 5.9 billion cell phones and only 1.8 billion desk and laptops it’s easy to see why the search giants are focusing on this market. We’ve had several jobs due to our site being mobile optimized. All our programs include mobile media.

Mobile marketing is one of the fastest growing methods to turn small and start-up businesses into flourishing, prosperous behemoths. In combination with the map services we offer, which will get your businesses advertised and located on several mobile platforms, your own personal website will be optimized for desktop, laptop, and cellular devices. Here at ExSeed Marketing, we professionally optimize your window covering website for mobile devices for these very reasons.

A Flexible Approach to Mobile Marketing

Images, videos, and other types of media content within your site will be optimized for mobile as well. One tremendous advantage of mobile devices is gps integration, and optimizing your websites map for mobile means customers will be able to open it, click on your location and be routed to your specific window covering business’ location. Our mobile marketing strategies include integration for social media as well. We will ensure your specific social media account has relevant regional and business contact information for your social page to be indexed properly by search engines.

Get the most from your online presence with mobile optimization

  • Most of your customers will likely have their mobile devices on them at all times
  • Customers will be able to find your business and even be given exact directions with modern gps implementation on most smart phones
  • Telephone links within your site will dial directly when clicked, making getting in touch with your business that much easier.

  • Price Increase

    Price Increase notice: This email/letter serves as a notice regarding the price increase which our company plans to put into effect immediately, starting January 15, 2015. This increase is caused by the continuing increase in the costs of website development and labor in the market today. Rest assured, however, that we have found a way…

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  • Blind Guy Helps Clients See…………

    Blind Guy Helps Clients See………… Occasionally I’ll have a need to send a photo or video to a client. I use two pieces of inexpensive software. The first is Jing @ $15 a year, and the 2nd is Screencast-o-matic @ $15 a year.  I could have spent the time making my own videos but, thanks…

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Our mobile marketing strategies can greatly benefit your window covering business; please call us at 949-768-6695 or fill out our online request form for more information.