clients are using Social Media to find Your Window Covering business

We’ll set up a fan page complete with your logo on Facebook. We’ll set up accounts at Twitter and LinkedIn. Your website will have buttons directly to your social media sites and pages. Having us manage both your window covering website and social media programs allows much greater integration and specificity when it comes to posts on social network sites, content integrity and routing traffic from your site to your social page and vice versa.

Social networking has become integral for businesses to create key relationships and engender what marketing strategies refer to as “business evangelists.” These are usually those clients that you have gone the extra mile for who are looking for an outlet to tell the world about your window covering expertise and helpfulness. What better outlet for them than a social media site where their glowing approbation will not just be heard once, but recorded for anyone seeking a similar service in the future.

Some of the advantages of using social media for you window covering business include

  • Improved overall ranking in major search engines
  • An opportunity to engage your customers in a familiar context
  • Allow customers to exchange ideas about window covering products and inform them of specials and other products they will see in their individual news feeds
  • Enjoy the pre-built map integration of your google local business page or have your address listed in facebook or other social media sites to be found even easier


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If you would like us to manage your window covering retailer’s social media, please call us at 949-768-6695 or fill out our online request form.