Now Google is combining Organic results and place results. This means your company will now need to attack Google, Bing and Yahoo from 11 different angles. You’ll need a Websites, Google places, article marketing, blogs, backlinks, bookmarks, videos, podcast, social media and Pay Per Click. Plus you’ll need to make sure this all works on smart phones. The only way to stay on top is you’ll need to optimize and maintain all this monthly. We recommend optimize to a new city every month. This will help insure your Search results stay on top. Remember … Cast your net wide, not deep with Google.


You’ll be able to choose from our library of sites. We use both static sites and WordPress sites. Our designers will customize your site to your liking. It’s important to know that consumers demand sites that educate and inform. We include several items with each site. You can choose videos, blogs, reports and photo galleries for your site. It’s these items that consumers love. Read More

Google, Yahoo and Bing Maps

This is very important. Since all the search giants say they are focusing on Local, Mobile and Social, it’s important to optimize your maps. We go ten steps further to get your site on the maps. We will list your site with over 140 local directories and your Google places will include photos and videos. Plus we’ll show you how to start collecting Reviews and Citations. (Very important to your ranking) Read More

Article Marketing

articleThe search giants all want relevant content, and will reward you for new content. Our writers will develop new content that we will blast to over 33 article sites. The search engines love articles so we give them articles about your local area and we try to educate the consumer about everything form energy savings to how to buy shutters. Many times we’ll see our articles show up on page one of Google. Read More


blogsYour new site will have a blog. When you sign up for a program we will have to do what’s called Keyword research on your market. These keywords will be used in everything we produce including blogs. Search engines pick up blog entries and again many times we find blog post on page one of Google. The keyword research is a vital component to your optimization. Read More


The easiest way to explain back linking is every backlink needs to be relevant to your subject, the search engine spiders look to see how many relevant links you have. The higher the QR rating the higher your site appears on the SERP. Search Engine Results Page. Since Google, Yahoo and Bing all tell us that this is one of the most important algorithms they have; we spend a fair amount to time on back linking. It’s important, boring, slow and expensive. Most packages include 4 weeks of back linking. Read More


bookmarkingA bookmark is a locally stored Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). All modern web browsers include bookmark features. We’ll bookmark your site to the top 20 bookmarking sites. It great for SEO. Read More


videoGoogle loves video that’s way they purchased YouTube. Did you know YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine? By using the right keywords we’re able to get videos on Page One of Google, It’s like a free commercial on Google for your company. We have video libraries for you to choose from. We include videos on b web sites, blogs and social media channels. Read More


Experts agree that podcasting is the next internet wave. When we submit your video the over 100 influence engines we also turn the audio into a podcast and distribute it to the top podcasting sites. We see our podcast show up on page One of Google many times. Read More

Social Media

socialWe’ll set up a fan page complete with your logo on Facebook. We’ll set up accounts at Twitter and LinkedIn. Your web site will have buttons directly to your social media sites and pages. Read More

Pay Per Click

ppcIf you need it you can always buy traffic through the Google ad words and Bing systems. Many businesses were built on ad words. Ad words are the sponsored ads at the top of the search page and the paid ads on the right side below the map. Read More


mobile1This is all the buzz. With 5.9 billion cell phones and only 1.8 billion desk and lap tops it’s easy to see why the search giants are focusing on this market. We’ve had several jobs due to our site being mobile optimized. All our programs include mobile media. Read More


blastWe’ll set up accounts at over 100 influence sites and using our state of the art technology we’ll blast your video, article and podcast out and we’ll book mark it at the same time. This is the key to getting your business on the internet. Read More

If you would like to learn more about the services ExSeed Marketing offers, please call us at 949-768-6695 or fill out our online request form