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Are Your Goals In Writing?

Are Your Goals In Writing?

Are your goals in writing?

I’ve been a member of several Mastermind and business owner groups for the last 20 years. As I rub elbows with successful business owners from many different industries, I like to ask lots of questions. One of the questions is, “do you have your goals in writing?” Ninety percent say “Yes.”

Now, there are many different types of goals. I’ll focus on business goals. There are many books written on setting goals. I’ll focus on the goals of your window covering/cleaning/tint business. One of the goals we’ll focus on is determining the one thing you need to do to keep going. For me, it’s staying organized. That is my #1 goal above all others. I need to stay organized in both my businesses. I need to stay organized in my accounting and in my marketing message and my……….the list goes on and on. I discovered this after reading The One Thing by Peter Keller.

Have you ever heard of S. M.A.R. T. goals?

  • Specific: Great goals are well-defined and focused.
  • Measurable: A goal without a measurable outcome is like the Super Bowl with no scoreboard.
  • Attainable: Set goals into your “UN-Comfortable” zone. Once achieved, push out a little further.
  • Relevant: Achievable business goals are based on current conditions and realities of the business climate.
  • Time-Based: Business goals and objectives just don’t get done when there is no timeframe tied to the goal-setting process.

Now it’s time to break down the goal into achievable tasks.

Most successful business owners reverse engineer the goal. Set the goal and work backwards to find out how it becomes achievable.

Example: $300K in sales = $6000 a week in sales or $1200 a day in sales or one average sale a day. What does it take to get a sale a day? If you’re using Google AdWords to generate leads, you will know that 1 in 6 clicks becomes a lead and 2 out of 5 leads become estimates and 5 in 10 become customers. If a click costs $7, that means a lead costs $42. Considering the national average is $120, this is a great deal. You’ll need to do 2 estimates a day, close half of them and only spend $84 a day on leads to hit the $300K in sales.

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