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Website FAQ’s:

ExSeed designs, writes, and builds lead generating websites and performs the necessary On-Going Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to help Google find your site so your customers can find you. Ultimately we get you qualified leads. Exseed offers two different programs. First is the website/SEO program and second is the Google Ads program.

SEO is the practice of increasing the Quality and Quantity of traffic to your website through organic search engine results. Without SEO all you have is an electronic brochure. With SEO you have a 24/7 sales person generating leads for your business.

Once you make the decision to go with ExSeed, the next step is to place an order at exseedmarketing.com. Once we receive your order we’ll send a follow-up form for some additional information. This information is for our engineers, designers, and writers. They will need it to complete your site.

It’s a 2 step process. Step one is developing the home page. This is where we map out the style, offerings, and layout. We focus on the “Look” and the usability of your site. This usually takes about a week. Once you approve the layout, the complete build-out will take about 3 weeks to complete.

No, we have built hundreds of sites and know what to write to get the attention of Google and your customers. If you have something you would like us to focus on, no problem.

Sure. You know your customers better than anyone. We always encourage our clients to be part of the process, in fact we welcome it.

Yes, we have found that a USP (unique selling proposition) and an offer on the homepage will increase your leads. Many dealers offer free add-ons or free upgrades.

Not necessarily, however, most clients have many photos of past jobs they would like on their site. If you don’t have these, we have many stock photos for you. If you have before and after photos, they work great to help customers see the transformation they can expect.

We must work together to build a new site. To make the process go smoothly, we ask that you respond to our emails quickly. Many times we are on hold until you answer the questions or provide the hosting information. We work together. Gone are the days when you could just put up a site and hope that people find you. We need to work together to help Google find you. We have developed systems for our dealers that streamline the process of website updates.

Mostly us. We do have several dealers who enjoy writing, and then we optimize their articles for good SEO.

Sure. Most pages are added in a week. Many dealers ask us to add pages for new product lines or design ideas. Just let us know. We take care of everything for you. You focus on your business and we’ll focus on lead generation.

Absolutely. We encourage it. We’ll show you a way to do this and help your site’s rankings and greatly expand your footprint.

Usually about 15-20, it depends on your populations and how many cities you operate in.

We take care of your hosting and required maintenance.

Sure, it will be connected to your Gmail account.

No, one of the hallmarks of our service is no contracts. Please read the Terms and Conditions before ordering.

Yes, $3000 or you could sign up for our ongoing SEO services at $249 a month. The $249 includes the new site.

Yes, as long as you have met the conditions of the terms and conditions.

Once you sign up, the monthly billing starts. We use an automatic system so a debit or credit card is required.

It happens. As long as we haven’t built anything yet, we’ll refund your money. If we have started we will prorate your refund based on the hourly rate of $65.

Yes, it’s free to all active dealers.

We have a free start up guide you can get on our site. We have set up over 300 people in the window covering industry.

No need, you can see everything in your analytics. Please note that if you’re using Google Ads, you will receive a customized report every 14 days.

This depends on how you have it set up. We had a dealer who had 18 sites in one market thinking he was capturing all the traffic. Once Google finds out, your sites will be de-indexed. Basically your sites are deleted. However, if you have a separate Name, Address and Phone, it is possible to have more than one site. We have many dealers who have multiple sites for each location they operate. Our engineers will have to run diagnostic tests to determine the best path for success. An example would be a window covering retailer with a second site for repairs or cleaning.

Similar to the answer above. It depends on several factors and the distance between locations. Our engineers will have to look into each case individually to determine the best path for success.

A website is nothing more than a group of files. We can send you the files or we store for you.

Send us an email with the new address and my team will take care of the rest.

Let us know and we’ll take care of the rest.

Many dealers have multiple offices and require individual sites, campaigns, and reports. We’ll take care of that for you.

See website for detailed list. www.exseedmarketing.com

A simple transfer of the payment to the new owner is all that is needed.

Good question: For some it’s a lifestyle business. They are looking for freedom, and for others, it’s an income goal. It’s important to know this so we can help you achieve your goals.

Website designs and back ends change. We recommend a redesign every 2-3 years. The cost is usually about $1000- $1500.

At least a dozen. Blog postings, articles, videos, photos, 3rd party listings, reviews, local referral networks, citations, organic listings, map listings, and social media. There is no way to do all these. We believe that a combination of a few will help customers find you online.

Yes. Google Ads is the single best marketing tool we have ever used to generate leads. Please note there is a huge difference between Google Ads and Express Ads. DO Not Use Express Ads. It’s like giving your credit card to a crackhead. I could take the next 10 minutes explaining why, but I think you get the point.

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