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Attention Window Covering Retailers

Attention Window Covering Retailers

A little worried about the next few years? FREE help is just a few clicks away.

Since many people in the window covering industry are self-employed, it only makes sense to help each other. Why wait until next month to “possibly” speak to your sales rep about the industry? Hop on Facebook and hang out with 5800 friends you never knew you had.

13 years ago this was not possible. If you wanted to connect to your industry, you had to find other dealers in other cities or rely on your sales reps. Now it is as easy as looking at your phone. Take advantage of this free and fun opportunity to connect with other retailers.

Not sure this is for you?

Reasons to join a Facebook group exclusively for the Window Covering Industry.

5800 Reasons to join the largest Private Facebook group for window-covering retailers:

  1. Instant answers to important questions.

  2. New product announcements.

  3. Product reviews by your fellow retailers.

  4. Marketing successes.

  5. Marketing fails.

  6. Hiring opportunities.

  7. 5800 members sharing information.

Need advice on:

  1. Draperies?

  2. New Vendors?

  3. Advertising?

  4. Yelp?

  5. SEO?

  6. Websites?

  7. Google Maps?

  8. Paid Ads?

  9. Strategic Partners?

  10. Referrals?

  11. Reviews?

Need advice on hiring or firing? Not sure your contracts cover strange occurrences? How about your credit card fees, too high? Are you paying too much to your vendors? Not sure who made this shutter? Should I contract with Costco? Where can I buy containers of ready-made blinds? Who is ExSeed Marketing?

The questions and answers are easily found on the Facebook Private Group named Window Covering Retailers.

Click here to join, it’s FREE and Fun.

If you are looking for top-rate online marketing services for window covering retailers and window cleaning businesses, please call ExSeed Marketing at 949-768-6695 or click here to fill out our online request form