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The story of the foolish customer.

The story of the foolish customer

I have to be honest, I have some very uninformed clients. One guy, who shall remain nameless, made a classic error. He made the decision to cancel his AdWords before gathering any data. So he paid the setup fee and his first months management fee, waited 6 days, and canceled. He said he could tell it wasn’t going work. Unfortunately for him, his competition came in right behind him and is now doing very well using AdWords. What’s the difference? One guy made decisions by his “Feelings” and the other much more successful businessman used “Data” to make his decisions.

If you were to make a list of the top 10 most successful people in your industry and reverse engineer their results, I guarantee they all use data to drive their decision making. They didn’t use their “feelings” to make decisions. Need proof? Watch any episode of The Shark Tank and you see the same request over and over, tell us your numbers.

If you’re planning on being a real business owner, then learn how to make decisions, otherwise, all you’re doing is pretending to be an entrepreneur.

Become obsessed with your numbers. Measure something! Start somewhere! I recommend you come up with a list of the top 6 items you need to know every week. Try this: Pretend you’re on an island and you can only speak with your office for 5 minutes per week. What information do you need to make great decisions?

Sorry to rant but this needed to be said.

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