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12 Tips to Hiring New Talent

12 Tips to Hiring New Talent

How to hire new employees for your window covering business.

We are in a hiring frenzy. Last week the headlines were there are more jobs available than people to fill them. So It’s time to set a plan in place so you can take advantage of this growing economy. This is when great fortunes are made.

12 Tips for finding a new installer or salesperson.

  1. Ask sales reps they know all the local installers.
  2. Ues social media postings.
  3. Help Wanted magnets on your vans.
  4. Use FB/ Twitter/Google + page.
  5. Find an independent recruiter to find others to come work for you.
  6. Offer real benefits.
  7. Help wanted ads.
  8. Local design schools collaborations.
  9. Set up an apprenticeship.
  10. Mandatory drug testing and background checks (This cuts down on the poor quality candidates)
  11. Ask friends
  12. Bonus: Have a help wanted page on your site. Ask your designer to optimize the page. This will get the page indexed in the search engines. Take it a step further and add in an online application. Google is now posting jobs in the search results.

Tips: If you do use outside vendors make sure they are 100% legal with insurance and licensees.

Hire before you need them.

Plan ahead.

Have back up people in place so you never get caught short-handed.

Offer signing bonuses.

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