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Are you ready for the reopening of America?

Are you ready for the reopening of America?

Once upon a time, there lived a woman who was quarantined in her home for weeks. She was fortunate enough to be in isolation at home with her family.

She had been telling herself for the past 3.5 years (since she moved in) that she would upgrade her window coverings to shutters. She had just never got around to it until now.

She now had ample time to go online and see what was available and how much this project would cost. She went from one site to another. In a few minutes, she found a company in her city called Shutter Nation and they had everything she was looking for. She knew this because their site had:

  1. A professional look.
  2. Reviews from happy clients.
  3. Loads of photos.
  4. A blog with before and after photos with descriptions.
  5. A page just for her city about shutters.
  6. Pricing guidelines.
  7. A simple click to call button in case she wanted to book an appointment.
  8. Videos of product information.
  9. An offer for a Free report on how to buy shutters.

What if you were in her market and your site looked like a worn-out roller shade? She might blow past your site in 3 seconds because you had nothing of interest for her.

Consumers are becoming very savvy about the products we sell. By the time the average customer contacts us, they usually already know what they are looking for and how much it should cost.

How does this happen? The internet is the answer. A great website should find, educate, and inform your prospects.

Your website should be your best salesperson. It should be filled with information. Since most window covering companies are shop-at-home, your site is the only thing prospects have to judge you on. It should become your most valued asset. It’s the link between you and your next customer. The bottom line is if you don’t have a website that is engineered to find new customers, you’re being left in the dust.

If your website doesn’t clearly communicate why your business is the best choice, your prospects simply click on the next site. I can help you with this.

I’m not just a guy who builds websites. I’m an expert at marketing and I have over 30 years in this industry. I’ve set up over 300 people in the window covering industry, and I have my own window covering business. My team and I have generated thousands of leads for my window covering clients.

Here’s my offer: Buy a package today and I won’t sell one to your ex-wife……All kidding aside, I offer a site that works its tail off for you 24/7. If a site is set up correctly and you apply continuous SEO (Search Engine Optimization), your business will thrive.

Let’s talk about your online strategy. Call me at 949-768-6695 Steve Dale

If you are looking for marketing services for window covering retailers, please call ExSeed Marketing at 949-768-6695 or click here to fill out our online request form