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How Important Is Your Street Address To Your Online Lead Generation?

How Important Is Your Street Address To Your Online Lead Generation?

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You can increase your calls from qualified customers by 200- 300% if you optimize your Google Business Profile (GBP) correctly. The new name for your Google Business listing is Google Business Profile. It was Google Maps and then it became Google My Business and now it's Google Business Profile.

If optimized correctly, you can expect 2-3 times the number of calls. Now how do you do this correctly?

Have the right address, update with relevant photos and videos, and offer specials through your GBP account.

First, let me explain how GBP works. It's based on concentric circles. The closer your address is to the potential client, the higher the likelihood you’ll show up in the search. This is based on assuming you've done everything else correctly and you are in the good graces of Google.

I get calls every day from dealers asking how they can show up in a city they are not located in. You can't unless you have an address in that city that Google has approved. Now before you run out and get 5 or 6 new addresses and try and optimize them for your business, Google already knows this trick. About 5 years ago they enacted the Locksmith Rules and stopped approving such addresses. Now they favor companies with physical locations. Since most window-covering retailers are shop at home, having a retail location is out of the question. So what to do?

There are a few options to solve this dilemma:

Locate an out-of-business window covering retailer who is still listed on Google Maps. Next, put on your private detective hat and find the owner. Offer them $500 to take over the address and phone. Problem solved and you now have automatic rankings.

Find a cluster box location in a stationery store or print shop. Back in the 1990s, many local businesses invested in cluster boxes to increase their foot traffic. Be sure to only use a virgin address. Google the available address to find one that has not been claimed and rent that box.

Use a storage facility. I’ve seen it work.

Use your home address and hide the address. It can be tricky to make sure your home address is not published online.

Remember, the closer your address is to your top key market, the better.

What if you can’t find a working address? No problem. Just fill out the GBP info and click no address and that you are a "mobile service type business". You’ll be able to use the map to let Google know how far your service area is. It's not nearly as good as having an address, but it will get you on the map.

Getting on the Google Maps is a great way to get FREE business.

Steve Dale
ExSeed Marketing

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