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Shortcuts To Success For Window Covering Retailers

Shortcuts To Success For Window Covering Retailers

People say there are no shortcuts to success, but I think they are wrong. If there were no shortcuts, then how do you explain the $218 billion Google earned last year with Google Ads?

Let's say you own a window covering business. Business has slowed down, and you're trying to find a way to generate new customers who are searching for window coverings. You could buy ads in magazines or invest in direct mail, but that approach is a roll of the dice. Or you could cut to the front of the line and invest in Google Ads.

How Does Google Ads Work?

Your ads only show to people who are searching for blinds, shades, shutters, or draperies in a territory of your choice. Google allows us to tell it who we are looking for and where they must be located. This means your ads are only clicked on by qualified prospects. Here's the big news about Google ads, you only pay Google when someone clicks on your ad. (No, your competition can't keep clicking on your ads to waste your money. Google solved this issue in 2002).

In the past 22 years since Google ads have been around, they have dominated the advertising world one click at a time. There is a lot more to Google Ads than just a simple ad and click system. Google now uses “Buyer’s Intent” to help determine the best person to serve up your ad. One of the best things Google has done with Ads is the bidding system. This allows your ads to be next to Home Depot ads, making for a level playing field, and no preference is given to anyone.

Success stories

Let me give you some examples of my clients. Bob runs a shop-at-home service located in a middle-income area in California. He started at $600 a month in spend. He's now at $1500 per month. As Bob’s business increased, he wanted even more clients so he increased his budget. If he gets overwhelmed, we can decrease his budget or even pause his campaigns. It's very flexible.

I have another client who spends $3500 a month for each of his locations. He started six months ago at $1000 per location. I also have high-end customers who started four months ago at $1500 and are now spending $8000. Many shop-at-home customers spend $800-1200 a month to keep their businesses running smoothly and gain a constant supply of new customers. This system is perfect for any type of window covering business.

Is it time we spoke about setting up your business on Google Ads?

2023 is proving to be a bit more difficult to generate new customers than we have experienced in the last 5-6 years. Consumers are holding back a bit and home sales have slowed down.

I get asked several times a week by our over 125 dealers what to do about this. Here are my recommendations:

  • Don’t panic.
  • Make a plan.
  • Take a fresh look at your entire business and look for new opportunities.
  • Add on additional services like tint or awnings.
  • Look for ways to make yourself and your company unique.
  • Incorporate offers, offers, and more offers on your site and in your mailers.
  • Have specials like Free upgrades.
  • Look at new forms of advertising like SEO and Google Ads.
  • Start building strategic alliances with flooring dealers, decorators, window replacement contractors, and realtors.
  • Start reaching out to TI (Tenant Improvement) contractors.
  • Expand into commercial projects.
  • Join local BNI or similar types of local network groups.
  • Join a business owners’ group like Convene or Vistage.
  • Become the expert in your area on motorization and/or sun control.
  • Invest in publicity (It’s much simpler than you might think).
  • Replace your website with a more updated version. This will solve many SEO issues. Sites older than 4 years old should be replaced.
  • Improve your selling skills.
  • Improve your marketing skills.
  • Improve your design skills.
  • Improve your photography skills, This will help your SEO and blogging.
  • Improve your writing skills.
  • Improve your tracking systems.
  • Reduce your credit card payments and pay fewer fees. Most customers are fine using a check or Venmo to pay you. You can save upwards of $1000/month in credit card fees with this one step.
  • Expand your knowledge of window treatments.
  • Start studying subjects that will help your business grow every day. Videos, blogs, podcasts, or audiobooks are all great ways to learn new skills.

There are always customers out there you just need them to find you. The goal is to make it easier for prospects to find you. The single best way I know of is to use Google. This is where we all go to find new vendors and services. This is where 98% of all window-covering buyers will go to find you. This is where the bulk of your marketing efforts should take place. Having a website is not SEO. SEO includes hundreds of items and it takes constant attention to them to keep your site on top. Just having a website is not enough any longer. Invest in SEO.

Last tip:

Do not lower your prices, this only trains your customers that the only thing that is important when buying new window coverings is price, You and I both know that is not true. Add value to your service. I've heard it said, "If You Charge Peanuts, You’ll Attract Monkeys!"

If you need help, I’m more than happy to speak with you.

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