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Are you selling the most profitable products?

Are you selling the most profitable products?

Review Your Product Mix, Profitability Vs. Labor

Last week I showed you my Job Cost Analysis Cheat Sheet. This week I’d like to show you how to determine your profitability per product. If you use the cheat sheet, you can take the cost section and apply it to your labor cost. Take it a step further and apply a dollar value to each hour per team member.

Example #1: COGS-10/ 2 Inch Faux Woods Cost $700

Time to install: 60 minutes

Labor: $25 @ 1 hour

Sale price: $1400

Net profit: $675

Example #2: COGS 100 SQ Ft Shutter Cost $1200

Time to install–Use outside installer @ $250. My Labor is zero time spent!

Sale Price: $2400

Net profit: $950

Many times I’ll hear dealers saying that they don’t make money off certain products, but if you break it down into hourly wages, you can see most products are very profitable.

Spend some time analyzing each job, and I’m certain you’ll start to see a picture appear. Use this to help you determine who your best clients are and focus on the systems for getting more of them.

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