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Can Google AdWords Generate Leads For a Window Covering Retailer?

Can Google AdWords Generate Leads For a Window Covering Retailer?

Google, AdWords/Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising………
Did you know 98% of Google’s $66 Billion Dollars in revenues come from AdWords? Google’s revenues have grown by 19% a year since 2010, and AdWords is the reason. With growth like this, it’s only natural to assume that Google has a goal.
Google Wants a Part of Every Advertising Dollar On Earth.
Google likes to play games with business owners.
1) They make SEO a moving target, so we small business owners are driven crazy by page rankings, map listings and fluctuating traffic.
2) They make PPC complicated, so they only have to deal with agencies like mine. They don’t want to deal with Joe’s window coverings; they would rather deal with Joe’s agency.
Believe it or not this is really good news for you and me. Gone are the days of waiting to see if the Yellow Pages got it right, gone are the days of paying for ads that didn’t work, and gone are the days of limited metrics to measure your lead generation.
FACT: Budget Blinds, 3Day Blinds, Next Day Blinds, Home Depot and countless other large retailers all spend BIG on AdWords. Some of them spend over $1.5 million a year on AdWords. You will have NO PROBLEM competing against them.
So what’s a small business owner to do?
The Perfect On-Line Recipe is a Solid SEO Program and a Well-Managed PPC Campaign. The reason is simple: The more times your company shows up on page one, the more leads you get. Here’s a question: Are you one of those businesses that tried AdWords but it didn’t work for you? Or maybe it worked for a few months and you thought you could set it on auto pilot and leave it alone?
Like anything that’s worth doing, AdWords takes time to master, and when set up correctly and continually managed, it will be a one of your best and most profitable lead-generating tools.

Here are the top reasons that your business should invest in AdWords (or try it again) and make it part of your marketing strategy.

Clients Are Looking For You Online. Really!
You can reach people at the precise moment they’re searching for what you offer. Reaching your target audience can be hard. Who are they? Where are they now? And how can I get my brand in front of them? Rather than pushing marketing efforts, Google AdWords PULLS your customers into your ads. It’s done by a bidding system for Keywords. In other words, your audience comes to you. This is the greatest marketing tool ever invented.

You Can See The Actual Numbers.
John Wanamaker, a shop owner from the late 1800s said, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.”
This is no longer true. One of the great downfalls of traditional advertising is that we have no idea who saw our ads. With AdWords it doesn’t matter, AdWords only attracts people who are actively looking for window coverings. You only have to pay for the people who are seeking you out. With AdWords it possible to know ad impressions, clicks, conversions and many other metrics.
You Can’t Be Everywhere, All the Time.
As a small business owner, you can’t be an expert at everything; it’s just not possible. It’s worth your time to partner with an expert who’s active in the PPC industry and in the window covering industry. Google AdWords updates their platform often, sometimes daily, so connecting with a PPC expert who keeps up on trends is vital to the optimization of your campaigns and your bottom line. At Blind Brokers Network, we are Google Partners and AdWord certified.
You Can Buy Phrases That You Don’t Organically Rank For.
The ultimate goal is to optimize your site to rank well organically for keywords that convert, but if your site isn’t showing on the first page of results, it’s probably not getting as much traffic as you need. Utilizing a PPC strategy to target keywords that your site can’t organically rank for is a top priority for many window covering dealers. If Google is only ranking you for wood blinds and you want to sell more shutters, PPC is the answer. Unfortunately, Google is now limiting the number of keywords for each website, and they have shrunk the geographic area in which you will rank. (There are ways to combat this.)
Buy More Space On The Results Page.
Double your real estate on the search results page by purchasing keywords that you do rank well for, thereby doubling the chance of a click and a conversion.

PPC Can Be Affordable.
You don’t need a large budget to compete in PPC. When managed well, the cost per lead for PPC can be relatively low. And unlike other forms of marketing, the ROI can be measured with PPC. We recommend starting with a $600-$1000 monthly budget.

Get A Quick Response From PPC.
PPC campaigns can easily be paused if you go on holiday or you no longer carry Hunter Douglas products. Ads can be immediately updated if you now carry Graber or Norman Shutters. If your installer quits, you can pause on the campaign until you find a replacement. It only takes an email to your AdWord partner to immediately update the campaigns.

AdWords Targeting Options That WILL Reach Your Customers.
PPC affords you the opportunity to reach relevant customers based on very targeted specifics, including: location (down to a zip code), search intent, search time of day, device used to search (tablet, computer, mobile), and a slew of other options. AdWords is also actively rolling out upgrades and expanding the platform to include Social signals (Google+), advertising options on mobile apps, and bid adjustments based on an assortment of factors.
Our agencies will ensure that you are visible to customers at the right time during their decision process and buying cycles.

Beat The Other Guys.
Your competitors are investing in AdWords and capturing your customers. Isn’t it time to take control of your business?

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