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Don’t Get Ripped Off

Don't Get Ripped Off

Last week I wrote about how you’re losing sales to dozens of online predators and what it takes to fix it. Now I’m going to talk about the reality of loss. Lost clients, lost income and lost opportunities.

How much are you losing to on-line predators?

If you lose a single sale every week to some on-line predator, you could be losing thousands of dollars a month. I know that for my own shutter business, a single loss of a job per week would reduce my sales by $8800 a month. My average shutter job is $2200. A single loss of a blinds job would reduce my revenues by about $4000 a month.

Are you losing over $10K a month in sales?

It’s all about lost opportunities. Last week I spoke to a guy who “Knew the Price of Everything But the Value of Nothing.” He was his own worst enemy. Thinking you’ll save $200 a month and build your own site and attempt your own SEO is a losing proposition. Don’t be stupid.

If you spend $1500 a month on your marketing, and you were able to sell $300,000 a year with a 25% net, you just made $75,000 income.

Now let’s look at some facts: Budget Blinds claims in their FDD that the average franchise sells over $400,000 a year in a 33,500-home franchise territory. 33,500 homes translate to a 130,000 population. FYI, the city of Chandler AZ is about 250,000 people.

Clearly many dealers are not marketing effectively in their own markets. I hear story after story of dealers driving an hour to the next city because they can’t get enough business in their own market. If a Budget Blinds can generate $400,000 in sales in a 130,000 population, so can you. Let us help you.

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