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Why Every Window Covering Retailer Needs a Website.

Why Every Window Covering Retailer Needs a Website

Why Every Window Covering Retailer Needs a Website.

In the Book, Be Obsessed or Be Average, Author Grant Cardone says:

“Not buying my product cost more than buying my product”.

This quote inspired me to write this blog post.

My life’s purpose is to Helping Others Succeed. The best way to help my fellow window covering retailers? Leads. No Leads, No Business.

What if you could have a simple way to educate and inform your customers while you’re running appointments or sleeping? Good news, you can!

A website is much more than an electronic brochure. It’s a sales tool that never turns off. It’s a tool that finds new customers for you while you do other things. It’s the greatest prospecting machine ever invented. Combine search engine optimization (SEO) with a well-built website, and you’re going to attract new customers.

We know that consumers have questions about window coverings. Google assumes the same thing. A well-built website can answer virtually any question a potential customer could ask. Such as, How much do shutters cost? Can I get pink shutters for my daughter’s bedroom? Are draperies still in style? Why are draperies so expensive? Can I get my blind repaired?

The point is that a website can answer these questions for you. The longer a potential client stays on your site, the higher the likelihood they will contact you.

One of the benefits of a website is called Analytics. Analytics will tell us how many people visited the site, where they came from and how long they stayed. Analytics will tell us which pages they spent the most time on and how many people came and left the site (bounce rate).

One of a website’s greatest benefits is the “Perceived Value.” It’s entirely possible to build a website and compete against Home Depot or Budget Blinds. Your site will look and feel just like the big boys, or you can make it look like an owner-operator personalized service retailer. The choice is yours.

The influence of your image is easily translated into your website. It makes no difference if you’re big or small; it’s the perfect place to show off who you are. My company, Shutter Nation, displays our company purpose on the home page: Shutters 35% less than Costco and 20% less than Home Depot.

The image is so important to any business. A website will help portray that desired image. When I built Shutter Nation, the goal was to have a business that looked and felt like a franchise. Strength and security were the images I desired. Clients who spend thousands of dollars on shutters need to feel confident they are dealing with a solid company. It worked, and now Shutter Nation is ready to franchise.

Finding the right customers is a huge benefit of a website. A website is a perfect solution if you only want to sell draperies to multimillion dollar homes, or if you only want to sell solar shades to commercial projects. If you sell sun control solutions, your website is the perfect place to show all the sun control options you offer. If you only want to sell custom draperies, then your site should showcase similar images.

Email@mywebsite.com: Google has at least 225 items they check on a business before they will show your website in a search result. An email that includes your domain is a very important item for big G.

Therefore, I have steve@exseedmarketing and steve@shutternation.com

SEO-Search Engine Optimization: My Specialty.

This is where most website developers fall short. They’re designers, not engineers. SEO combines science and marketing.

SEO is a moving target. Google is constantly “improving” the search results. My job is to get your site to appear at the top of the search results.

Just because you have a nice website doesn’t mean you’re going to be in the top results.

It Takes Much More Than Good Looks to Be Successful On-Line.

It now takes constant reviews in the right places, blogging about the right things and optimizing the content, citations on the best citation sites (we focus on the top 50 ,like Yelp or Google Plus), and building high-quality backlinks to authority sites. It takes photos and videos that are tagged correctly and optimized to Google Standards. It takes knowledge and science to keep your site on top.

Your website is an investment in your company. Just like the Yellow Pages were 10 years ago, a website and SEO replaces old-school advertising.

Can you do this yourself? Sure, but when would you have time to run your business?

Please take the time to review my website to see how I can help your window covering business grow online.

My company will design, write and optimize your site so you can sell more window coverings.

Steven Dale

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