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Goal Setting In 2015

Goal Setting In 2015

Setting goals is the “Goal” every small business owner. I have never met a small business owner who didn’t claim he or she was going to “kill it next year” or they were going to focus like a laser or they were going to become the #1 in their market, blah blah, blah. I’ve heard it so many times it’s a cliché. The truth is, most will keep doing the same old thing.

ATTENTION: Small Business Owners, it’s time to come out from under your desk. Stop doing things the old fashioned way. Stop paying for poor returns on the same old things you’ve done for 20 years.

FACT: There are customers buying window treatments; they just don’t shop where you advertise. They don’t respond to direct mail or ads in magazines. They don’t even own a yellow pages book. They live their life on-line. They text you instead of calling. They watch all your videos on your website, and this is how they choose you over the guy down the street. If they call and you fail to answer, they’ll call the next company on their screen. They spend their time educating themselves on the products. They trust Google to find them a qualified window covering retailer. It’s called “Authority,” and search engines take it very seriously.

If you were Google, would you want to return horrible results for searches? Just compare Yahoo to Google, and you’ll see a big difference in results.

In 2015, it will become increasingly more important to take control of your business. Get your business on-line in 2015, it will be the best investment you’ll make.

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