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The Keys to Success in the Window Covering Industry!

The Keys to Success in the Window Covering Industry!

The window covering retailer success formula……….

Every year I speak with hundreds of window covering dealers from around the world. The overwhelming trait I see in successful dealers Is a Positive Attitude and a willingness to get involved. The ones I’m most impressed with are the guys who are independent.

Here’s why:

  • They don’t let any manufacturers tell them what they can or can’t do.
  • They don’t let some franchisor tell them how to run their business.
  • They Control The Lead Generation.
  • They plan for success.
  • They know they must look for new ideas.
  • They think outside the box.
  • They’re not afraid of making mistakes.
  • They read, listen and talk to other industry leaders.
  • They participate in industry forums.
  • They help others succeed.
  • They are open to all new ideas.
  • They attend industry trade shows.

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If you’re willing to transform your business from a failing enterprise into a success, it starts with your attitude. There are many window covering contractors succeeding and thriving today. This is a fun and rewarding business.

I recommended you fall back in love with your business!

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