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How to Match Your Product Mix and Audience

How to Match Your Product Mix and Audience

Creating A Pricing Structure That Matches Your Brand and Audience

Would you buy a new bike from a guy in a bumble bee costume on TV yelling “Buy My Bikes”? He’s speaking directly to the kids who want a new bike, who then ask their parents to go to the Buy My Bikes-Shop. Then, when the parents and kids arrive, they are surprised to see a nice selection of bikes in all price ranges. It works to get people in the door.

Compare that to Specialized Bike Shops. They cater to the adult road bike and mountain bike enthusiast.

Now compare that to Jack’s Bikes. They carry a full line of every type of bike you can think of.

Or Target. They carry a limited line of bikes, “targeted” at the entry level buyer (pun intended).

It’s time to stop trying to be everything to every customer. If you want to attract shutter clients, then you will need to be a shutter expert. If you want to attract drapery clients, then you’ll need to be the drapery expert. Your website and all marketing materials will need to reflect that image.

In 2007, I started a company that I was going to franchise. It was called decoVan. Our customers were decorators, contractors, and realtors. We would measure, order, and install window coverings of all types for our clients. I quickly discovered that I made more money selling shutters to consumers, so I changed my company name to Shutter Nation. Shutter Nation works much better online than decoVan. My Shutter Nation website attracts people who want shutters. I’ve been generating 100% of my leads online for the past 3 years. It’s predicable and scalable.

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