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New trick to sell more blinds.

New trick to sell more blinds

How To Sell More Blinds For A Zero Investment.

How do the top window covering retailers make more money, have more customers, and invest no money to implement this top secret strategy? Answer: They do whatever it takes to answer the phone………Period

I could share with you facts like in 2014 Coca Cola eliminated VM for all their employees because no one used it. J. P. Morgan did the same in 2015. I could tell you that according to Vonage over 80% of people will not leave you a message. Vonage also says that less than 1% of people will hang up on a live person…………

Conclusion: Do Whatever It Takes To Answer Every Call

Pro Tip: Make it easy for your customers to call, text, or email you.

One way to do this is to install a “click to call or text” button on your mobile site. Since 50% of your web traffic is mobile, this will capture a few more leads per week.

Let me try and convince you with numbers. If up to 80% of people will NOT LEAVE A MESSAGE, then let’s translate that into dollars and cents. If 40-50 people per week visit your site then you should get about 10-12 calls per week. If you lose 6 calls per week, then you just lost about 3 jobs. Now let’s assume your average jobs net profit is $600 then you just lost $1800 a week in profits. Ouch! Don’t like my numbers? Fine, cut it in half. Still, don’t like my numbers? Cut in half again? Still not satisfied? You might be in denial.

Why am I writing this post? Every day I get calls, emails, texts, or smoke signals from window covering retailers looking for advice on how to increase their business. # 1 on my list has always been, “Answer your phone no matter what”.

I know we all get junk calls all day long. If you forward your calls to your cell, you can block many of the junk calls. Yea it’s annoying, but your bottom line will appreciate it.

I have yet to have someone try this and not thank me later.

Sorry people, the world is changing and consumers want to connect with you now.

It’s Ok if you answer a call if you’re on a job and ask them if you can call them back in a few minutes. They are happy to actually speak with a live human. Try it and, after it works, send me an email to let me know your success stories or put me in your will. Either way, I’m happy.

In my last few years of selling shutters, I would ask the client if it was Ok if I answered my phone while we were talking. I’d say,“I like to be available to my clients”. Not once did anyone ever say NO. They said they appreciated it and expected the same treatment when they became a customer. I turned it into a positive and it worked.

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