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How to Succeed in the Window Covering Business in 2015

How to Succeed in the Window Covering Business in 2015

Commit to staying focused for the entire year, then watch want happens.

I was attending an event for the on-line marketing industry a few weeks ago, and the presenter talked about the 2-3 items in your marketing tool box and how important it is to become committed only to these items. Too many small business owners try this or try that. They fail to commit to each one, and failure is right around the corner.

When I committed to making the Internet work to generate leads for my shutter business, there were dozens of times I almost gave up. However, I stayed committed to the idea and kept testing new ideas, testing new systems, and I was finally generating leads from my on-line presence.

I’m pretty sure most of us agree that developing our on-line marketing presence is THE top priority for 2015.

But what are some of the other marketing strategies?

  • Would you spend your time trying to get the Yellow Pages to generate leads?
  • Would you spend the time walking and knocking on doors or sending post cards to new homeowners?
  • Would you spend the time marketing to affiliates like realtors, window replacement contractors and interior designers?
  • Would you spend your time networking at local Chamber and other networking groups?
  • Would you spend money on ads in real estate magazines, newspaper, direct mail or home improvement magazines?

Every marketing tool you have needs to be evaluated the same way. ROI, is it scalable and can you duplicate it?

Big decisions need to be based on the numbers. How do you know if you have achieved the goal if you fail to measure anything?

It might be a good idea to start keeping track of your numbers in 2015.

How do you know if your efforts are working? Keep track of the numbers. For most window treatment experts, it’s very simple to keep track of our numbers.

I repeat, know your numbers, and decision making will be much easier.

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