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How To Sell More Blinds, Shades, and Shutters

How To Sell More Blinds, Shades, and Shutters

My favorite question from window covering retailers is, how do I sell more blinds? Turns out the answer is easier than you think.

Go Where The Customers Are And Make A Compelling Offer To Them. Repeat

I think we can all agree that the #1 market place is the internet.

If you want to sell more window coverings, you first need more customers. And how do you get more customers? By using the internet. It helps to understand what Google is looking for, and then you’ll have more customers.

There are many different formulas for online success. There are hundreds of Ranking Factors that Google looks at when choosing who to include in the SERP-Search Engine Results Pages. I like to call these factors Brownie Points.

The goal is to score more Brownie Points than the guy down the street.

As much as I’d like to tell you its all about how nice your site is, it isn’t. In fact, old sites with poor navigation, hosted on un-secure servers, with no active blogs, slow load times, and no mobile optimization are destined for the County Dump of the internet or as we web marketers like to call it, page 2 of Google.

First, you must have a website. This is the foundation of your business. It’s also where potential clients will judge you and your business. This is where Google and Bing will also judge you as well. The big question is: How can you get the attention of Google and Bing and yet still communicate your message effectively to a potential customer? This is where a professional with experience will come in very handy. What you and I want to see on our sites is not necessarily what Google and Bing are looking for.

The first step is building a site that is locally optimized which means it has a very fast load time, mobile optimization, pages for products, and pages for the cities in which you do business. You’ll need a blog which needs updating weekly, and you’ll need a continuous SEO program to take advantage of backlinking and off-site SEO strategies.

Off-Site SEO is a method in which we use 3rd party sites of authority to score more Brownie Points with Google. These include listings on review and directory sites. Google calls this NAP Name, Address, and Phone which must be 100% consistent across these hundreds of listings.

Once you do all this, the next step is making your site user-friendly. The site must communicate who you are and what you do. Fortunately, Google gives you a tool to monitor this traffic called Google Analytics. More on this in a later article.

I’m often asked how long before I see results? If you’re coming to the rodeo late (a new site) 6-12 months. If you have an existing site and we replace the site with a new one, you’ll see results very quickly and you should see an uptick in business and traffic. The longer you do SEO the better your sites rankings get. It takes time to foster effective SEO.

How can I get traffic to my site immediately? There is only one way I know of: Pay Per Click. I prefer Google Ads. You can no longer “Earn” your way to the top of the SERP, Search Engine Results Page. You must pay Google for that privilege.

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