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Why Does Louie The XIII Cognac Cost $3400 a Bottle?

Why Does Louie The XIII Cognac Cost $3400 a Bottle?

Have you ever tasted Louie The 13th Cognac? I'm not a drinker, but I did taste it once and it was amazing. There's a reason it costs $350 a shot at the Waldorf Astoria in Park City. It's phenomenal. But why does this Cognac cost $3600 - $4200 a bottle? It's a mixture of the best Cognacs available at the time of production and has a limited run. Pricing changes per year and availability.

Why am I mentioning this bit of Rich Guy Trivia? The drink comes with a story on how it's made. The bartender will explain while pouring it the origins of this bottle and its short history. You’re buying a great story to tell later and an amazing drink. (My son was the bartender and gave me a taste.)

So what can we learn from this exercise? Your business needs a great story, each product needs a great story, and your story needs to convey your brand.

When I used to set people up in the window covering business, I would ask a lot of questions and we would find a theme for them to use. I once set up a former professional golfer, and we used that to explain his attention to detail. I also set up a guy who was a furniture refinisher, and we used that to show his knowledge of good vs great products. He knew quality and that was the basis of his company story.

It's never too late to develop your story.

My story is titled "How A Used Car Salesman Saved My Window Covering Business". I was educated on Google Ads by my brother who owns one of the largest used car buying businesses in the United States. He showed me how to use Google Ads for my Shutter Nation retail business. It saved my business. This was the catalyst for starting ExSeed Marketing. That was in 2010 and is the foundation of ExSeed Marketing.

If you’d like help developing your company story and online marketing, give me a call.

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