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How Do I Earn An Extra $50K A Year In Recurring Income As A Window Cleaner?

How Do I Earn An Extra $50K A Year In Recurring Income As A Window Cleaner?

Here's how. Many service companies charge a monthly fee for yearly services. Pest control, HVAC maintenance, plumbing, solar maintenance, water softener companies, and countless others. It's not unheard of for a window cleaning service to do the same. It could be for window cleaning or all of your services. Do you clean solar panels? Do you offer chandelier cleaning? Do you offer blind cleaning? Do you offer screen repair? Do you install Christmas Lights? Do you clean gutters? Do you offer power washing?

What if you have a client for whom you currently charge $250 each time you clean their windows? What if they used you 4 times a year and every other time you cleaned the solar panels at $200, and each year you installed their Christmas lights at $300? That means this one client is worth $1700. What if you charge them $142 a month?

If 30 clients like this pay you monthly, that's $51,000 a year. This would be less than one job a day. $50K a year in recurring income is a great way to keep your business going year-round.

So what does it take to convince homeowners or businesses to pay you monthly? How do you process the payments? How do you do the scheduling? All good questions.

First, you need to look the part. Your website and online presence need to be top-notch. Next, you need to set up recurring billing with a credit card processor. Become a business member at Costco or Sam's Club and you will have access to their very good credit card processing. Then you need to have an excellent way of scheduling your services and finally, you'll need to learn how to sell ongoing services.

If you can accomplish this, all the systems you develop from the sales presentation to the services offered could make your business the next great franchise.

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