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First Window Washers Post

First Window Washers Post

As many of you know, I started a private Face Book group for the industry several years ago. It currently has over 1900 members. There’s a discussion about on-line marketing at least once a week. 70% of what is said is 50% wrong, but there’s a reason I tread lightly in their conversations. Several people believe they’re doing an awesome job by building their own sites. I would never offer professional advice unless asked. (Pretend someone just asked me!) If you believe you’re attracting great clients, then keep on going. If your site just sits there, then what?

Next they start asking others for SEO advice. This is where they get into trouble. SEO is no longer an ala carte affair. SEO must include your entire on-line presence, and it must be purposely built to optimize. Google calls it “NAP.” Name Address and Phone must be 100% perfect across the Internet to get Google brownie points. If you’re getting your WIX site to optimize on page one, trust me, IT’S DUMB LUCK!

Today SEO includes so much more than a site ranking #1. Today’s sites need content, content and more content. You need the full Google suite of products, all the right social media, the right review sites, and all the right videos.

Sure you can do all this yourself, but when will you have time to sell window coverings?

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